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02 February 2011

RE: Hey #GAGOP! Do With This As You May.

Wednesday, SWGA Politics blogger Jeff Sexton brought attention to the primary voting records of the three declared Georgia Republican Party chairman candidates.

For those who don’t know, the GAGOP is locked in a fairly heated campaign for its Chairmanship pitting the 2 term incumbent Sue Everhart against the new Governor’s pick Tricia Pridemore against the recent Chairman of the Fulton County GOP Shawn Hanley in a Triple Threat Match to be decided in Macon in May.

For some people, voting records matter. For those people, here are the voting records of the three candidates, as far back in SoS records as I was able to acquire them (1996). Note that I have been told – but have not seen the record – that Sue Everhart voted in the Democratic Primary in 1990.

Sexton, Jeff (2011-2-2). Hey #GAGOP! Do With This As You May.. SWGA Politics. Retrieved on 2011-2-2.

I'll confess that I'm the one who told Jeff that current Georgia GOP chairman Sue Everhart voted in the Democratic primary way back in 1990. Below is Everhart's voter file record, according to Political Data Systems of Georgia:

Quite frankly, how someone voted 21 years ago doesn't matter to me. I honestly don't think it'll matter to the stakeholders who'll be voting at the state Republican convention in Macon this May. But as Jeff Sexton wrote on his site, the GOP can do with it as they wish.