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16 February 2011

Georgia Ranks Near the Bottom of the Barrel in Beer Taxes

Proving once more that there's a policy think tank for almost every issue, the Marin Institute released a report Wednesday listing which states have the lowest beer taxes in the nation.

Not surprisingly, Georgia ranks near the bottom of the barrel.

According to the Marin Institute, Georgia taxes beer at a rate of $0.48 per gallon. They say the state's beer tax hasn't been raised since 1964.

"We show the twelve states that have hit the bottom of the barrel in beer tax revenues and are the most overdue for an increase," said Bruce Lee Livingston, Marin Institute executive director and CEO.

"States are losing revenue and cutting essential programs, especially those which mitigate alcohol-related harm, while the beer companies reap higher and higher profits," added Sarah Mart, research and policy manager at the Marin Institute. "It's time for states to stop their race to the bottom and raise beer taxes."

An interactive map was created to show beer taxes across the nation.