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02 February 2011

Democrat and Republican Lawmakers Propose Saturday Voting Statewide

Last year, the two Georgia counties of Fulton and Muscogee offered their residents the opportunity to vote on Saturday. Fulton County urged their citizens to make voting a family affair with its first ever Saturday Family Voting Day. Muscogee County asked voters to choose between casting a ballot or watching the college football game.

"You can decide to go to the Auburn football game or vote — that’s a big decision," Muscogee County Board of Elections member U.D. Roberts told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer last September.

Media reports suggested that most people welcomed the chance to vote on the weekend, when work or school wouldn't interfer with getting to the polling place [Baldwin, Sarah (2010-10-16). Fulton County Opens Polls Early For Families. WGCL-TV. Retrieved on 2011-2-2]. A bill sponsored by a bipartisan group of legislators would give Georgians the opportunity to do just that.

House Bill 92, a bill sponsored by Cumming Republican Mark Hamilton and DeKalb County Democrat Howard Mosby, would authorize Saturday voting statewide between the hours of 9AM and 4PM.

The trade-off though would be a shorter early voting period. Instead of 45 days of early voting, there would be just 21 days for people to cast their ballots prior to election day.

House Bill 92 was referred to the House Governmental Affairs committee, where it awaits a hearing.