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04 February 2011

David Lucas Proposes Family Income Cap on HOPE Scholarship Program

February 3rd, Macon Democrat David Lucas introduced legislation that would institute a family income cap on those students applying for the HOPE scholarship.

House Bill 159 would set a $66,000 income limit to become eligible for HOPE.

H.B. 159 is just one way state lawmakers are looking to keep the popular scholarship program afloat. A report from Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) last month said the HOPE scholarship program a deficit of more than half a billion dollars over the next two years [Stiers, Melissa (2011-1-25). Lawmakers Consider Fixes to HOPE. Georgia Public Broadcasting. Retrieved on 2011-2-4.].

If passed, the legislation would impose an income eligibility cap on the HOPE scholarship for the first time since 1995.

Lucas' bill sits in the House Higher Education Committee.

[c/p @ Georgia Legislative Watch]