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11 February 2011

CIA Director To Westmoreland: National Debt Poses Threat To National Security

Thursday, during testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, CIA Director Leon Panetta told the panel that the growing national debt poses a threat to American national security.

"That threat of the debt and the level of deficits that this country is now running and the consequences of that internationally, economically and in terms of the resources we need for the future – I think there’s no question that it represents a threat we have to pay attention to," stated CIA Director Leon Panetta.

Panetta's comments came after a round of questions from 3rd district Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R - Grantville).

(Rep. Westmoreland Questions Clapper, Panetta on National Security Threat of National Debt)

"As our national debt continues to grow out of control, it poses a serious threat to our national security," said Westmoreland. "This is especially true when you have countries like China who own a large amount of our debt and can use that fact to economically hold us hostage, so to speak. That hasn’t happened so far, but it’s time that we acknowledged that continuing to borrow trillions and trillions of dollars every year has a very real impact on our national security and do something to fix it."