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04 February 2011

Being In Power Means Everyone Else Gets To Take a Backseat for a While

Georgia Democrats are livid today over news that state Republican Party attorney Ann Lewis and her law firm will assist in the drawing of legislative and congressional districts during this summer's anticipated special session.

Partisan bickering erupted over redistricting on Thursday as Republican leaders created a new legislative office and tapped a prominent GOP lawyer to advise the effort.

Democrats complained they’d been left out of the decision-making and worried Republicans could be politicizing the process, in which new Census data is used to redraw congressional and legislative lines.

"That they did not include Democrats in this decision raises some serious questions about transparency and accountability,” House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams said.

It’s obviously not nonpartisan,” [Senate Democratic Leader Robert]Brown said. “I don’t know what this is. I’ve heard rumor after rumor about redistricting. We’re not a part of this process.”

McCaffrey, Shannon (2011-2-4). New redistricting office created by GOP; Dems upset. The Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2011-2-4.

Being in power means everyone else gets to take a backseat for a while. The Democratic Party of Georgia isn't even in the backseat. They're in the trunk with the spare tire.

And quite frankly, compare the maps that Democrats drew in 2002 (pictured at left). . .

. . .with the maps the Republicans drew in 2006 (pictured at right); then ask yourself which political party you trust to draw maps that make sense?