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04 January 2011

WSB Radio Talk Show Host Hires Bush Campaign Manager For Presidential Bid

In a sure sign that he's preparing for a run at the White House next year, WSB radio talk show host Herman Cain hired former George H.W. Bush campaign manager Mark Block to lead his presidential exploratory committee [Weigel, David (2011-1-3). Herman Cain Snaps Up Americans for Prosperity Activist to Help With 2012 Bid. Slate. Retrieved on 2011-1-4.].

Block is currently the Wisconsin state director for Americans for Prosperity. According to his biography, Block "has been involved in the political arena for over 30 years having served as the campaign manager for former Governor Tommy Thompson, George H.W. Bush, Supreme Court Justices Janine Geske and Jon Wilcox."

Herman Cain, a 2004 Georgia U.S. Senate candidate, hosts a nightly radio program on WSB-AM.