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31 January 2011

Vincent Fort Says Education Secretary Racially Biased For Agreeing With SACS

I figured I might as well save everyone the trouble of attending yet another hastily arranged press conference by Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort (D - Atlanta), where he claims racial bias is at the heart of any action that's critical of government controlled by black folks.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called on the Atlanta School Board to "get its act together as quickly as possible" following a report from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) that put the entire school system on probation.

Duncan had participated in a town hall meeting at Morehouse College Monday and was asked about the accreditation issues affecting the city school district.

“What you have now frankly is you have adults who I think have lost sight of why they’re doing this work,” he said. “It is what I call adult dysfunction.”

“The sole purpose of serving on a school board is to give every single child a chance to have a great education,” he said. “I think the adults have lost sight of that. It has become personal … they need to get back to why they were called to serve in the first place.”

Diamond, Laura (2011-1-31). Education secretary to Atlanta board: Get your act together. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2011-1-31.

Sen. Fort, an African-American lawmaker, has called into question the racial motives of SACS.

"I’m concerned about the lack of diversity in AdvancED. Only one out of 15 board members is African-American," Fort said in a press release January 19th blasting the SACS report that placed the Atlanta school district on probation.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is white. A majority of Atlanta's school board members are black.

I think you can clock with an egg timer how long it'll take for Sen. Fort to accuse Arne Duncan of being racially biased.