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31 January 2011

Senate Committee Passes Resolution To Study Fair Tax

There's been a lot of talk about tax reform in the state of Georgia this legislative session.

A special council on tax reform met throughout the second half of 2010 to examine the state's tax code, and issued several recommendations including the restoration of the grocery tax. An anti-tax group holding a very large influence in the Georgia Republican primary said the tax reform council's recommendations would result in a "net tax increase" [Culling, Joshua (2011-1-10). Georgia Tax Reform Report a Taxpayer Protection Pledge Violation. Americans for Tax Reform. Retrieved on 2011-1-31.]. And Gov. Deal indicated that any tax reform ideas would have to wait a year [Peterson, Larry (2011-1-28). Nathan Deal says no to tax hikes. Savannah Morning News. Retrieved on 2011-1-31.].

That still hasn't stopped a state Senate committee from passing a resolution that would study another idea for tax reform; an idea that is extremely popular among conservatives.

The Senate Finance Committee voted out Senate Resolution 28 late last week. S.R. 28 creates the Senate State Fair Tax Study Committee; a committee that would study how implementing the Fair Tax at the state level would affect Georgia. S.R. 28 was authored by state Sen. Judson Hill (R - Marietta).

The Fair Tax would eliminate income taxes and replace them with a flat, sales tax across the board.

If created by the Georgia Senate, the Senate State Fair Tax Study Committee would have until December 31, 2011 to issue a report back to the upper legislative chamber. The panel's membership would consist of five state Senators.