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20 January 2011

Quote of the Day: the Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation edition

"If the spending of Fulton County continues, that will definitely result in the creation of Milton County."

-Fulton County Taxpayers Foundation President John Sherman expressing concern about the recent vote by the Fulton County Commission to give $1.2 million in raises to government employees.

The case for re-creating Milton County is being made everytime the Fulton County Commission does stuff like this. All across Georgia, counties and cities are cutting back and spending less, but Fulton County is spending more and more.

First it was $140K on lobbyists to protect Fulton County's big and bloated government. Now it's $1.2 million in raises for those Fulton County big government employees.

Is it any wonder why detractors of Fulton County consider it nothing but a jobs programs for the friends, family and cronies of high-ranking government officials?