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19 January 2011

John Lewis: Democrats Need To "Go All Out And Get White Voters"

In The Hill newspaper Tuesday, 5th district Congressman John Lewis expressed his concerns about the Democratic Party "losing too many white voters."

In an interview, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) said Democrats need to "go all out" to win back white Southern voters before the next election.

Lewis, who was a civil rights activist before being elected to Congress in 1986, said he's concerned the party is losing its diversity, which will make it difficult to reclaim the lost seats.

"We've got to go all out and get white voters, especially white men, to come back to the Democratic Party," he told The Ballot Box. "I just think it's important for the Democratic Party to roll out and try to reveal itself and not become a party that is split along racial lines."

Miller, Sean J. (2011-1-18). Democrats losing too many white voters, says civil rights leader. The Hill. Retrieved on 2011-1-19.

With all due respect to Congressman Lewis, blame for white voters deserting the Democratic Party partly belongs on his doorstep.

When a leader like U.S. Representative John Lewis cuts an advertisement suggesting that if whites gain control of the Fulton County Commission, they will usher in a return to '60s era dogs and water hoses (or worse), it is difficult for white voters to support the Democratic Party.

When prominent black leaders of the Democratic Party --leaders like state Senator Robert Brown (D - Macon) and Macon City Council Member Elaine Lucas-- suggest their white political opponents share allegiances with the Ku Klux Klan, it is difficult for other white folks to feel as if they're welcome in the Democratic Party.

When Democrats say the reason why they lost an election is not because of their policies, but because white voters are racist, bigots and refuse to back a person of color at the ballot box, it is difficult for white folks to feel as if they have a home in the Democratic Party.

The exodus of white voters from the Democratic Party is a product of the Democratic Party's own making.

Democrats have beaten up on white voters for years in an attempt to ramp up black voter turnout and win elections. Well elections have consequences, and the chickens are coming home to roost for the Democratic Party.