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05 January 2011

Georgia Democrats' Ignorance of Their Own Rules Leaves Them In Hot Water

Not that it matters much to me anymore since I resigned from the state Democratic committee and joined the Republican Party, but a rumor circulating around the Peach State's left-leaning blogs is that the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) may have to re-open qualifying for party offices due to a technicality.

It appears that a certain cranky county party chair in Chatham spotted an error in the upcoming Democratic Party of Georgia's election. Starting tomorrow, the DPG will have to reopen the nominations for all officers. So candidates who couldn't figure out that they wanted to run for an executive position now have until Jan. 19th to make up their damn minds. Anyone who gets in to the race now doesn't deserve a vote.

Place your bets again…. Blog for Democracy. Retrieved on 2011-1-5.

In a November 12, 2010 letter signed by outgoing state Democratic Party chairman Jane Kidd, it was announced that candidates for DPG offices (chairman, first vice chair, et al.) would have until December 16th to qualify. Unfortunately for Kidd and the rest of the DPG staff, their November 12th letter doesn't mesh with the Party's bylaws.

Article IV, section two, paragraph 3 of the Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Georgia reads as follows:

Those persons interested in running for a State Officer position shall file an “intent to run” statement with the State Party office no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting. A non-State Committee Member wishing to run for a State Party office must submit such “intent to run” with the endorsement of no less than thirty State Committee Members and submit such no later than ten days before the State Committee meeting.

This section of the Georgia Democratic Party's own rules means that December 16th should have never been the last date an individual could have qualified to run for a DPG office. Since the state Democratic committee meeting is scheduled for January 29th, the last day to qualify should have been ten days before the meeting, which of course is January 19, 2011.

These folks want to manage Georgia, but they can't even manage their own party.