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19 January 2011

Georgia Congressional Republicans Unified In Their Opposition To ObamaCare

Wednesday evening, the U.S. House passed House Resolution 2; a bill repealing the job-killing health care law.

All eight Republicans in the Georgia congressional delegation voted for the bill. Every Democrat from Georgia voted against [SOURCE: House Roll Call #14].

After the vote, Congressmen Kingston and Westmoreland issued statements explaining their positions:

"It took 2,310 pages to get enough votes this misguided legislation but it took us just two to express the will of the American people," said Kingston. "Repeal was the first step and now we must follow up with commonsense reforms that will expand access to quality, affordable and patient-centered health care. By allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines, medical liability reform, and allowing small businesses to team up for the same economies of scale as huge corporations, we can bring positive change to our health care system."

"We need real reform in this country that will address the problems within our health care system, while decreasing costs – not increasing costs like ObamaCare does. Now that we have voted to repeal, the committees of jurisdiction will take the next several months to hold hearings and draft legislation to replace this harmful law with real reforms. The vote today will not be an overnight solution and much must still be done. However, it is a step in the right direction," stated Westmoreland.