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26 January 2011

Five Democrat Elbert County Elected Officials Switch To GOP

In an email sent to supporters Wednesday, state Republican Party Chairman Sue Everhart announced that five elected officials in the northeast Georgia county of Elbert switched to the GOP.

On Saturday, I was honored to join five Elbert County elected officials as they switched to the Republican Party. The process began three years ago when I asked Sheriff Barry Haston to join our party. Although conservative, he was a Democrat in name and wasn’t ready to make the switch at the time. He continued to think it over. When he decided to switch this year, four of his Elbert County colleagues joined him.

County Commissioner Horace Harper, Clerk of Courts Patricia Anderson, Tax Commissioner Lorrie Higginbotham and Coroner Chuck Almond are conservatives who believe in the principles of limited government. I welcome all five of these elected officials to our team and thank Elbert County Republican Party Chairman Jack Spivey for making their transition to the Republican Party happen so smoothly.

Before the switch, Elbert County had twelve Democrats holding office. Now, of the 17 partisan offices in the county, Republicans hold 10.