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04 January 2011

Democrat-controlled Fulton County Hires Lobbyists To Oppose Reducing Government

Here's an example of Democrat-controlled government at work:

Recently, the Fulton County Commission shelled out six figures for a team of lobbyists to fight against reducing its bloated bureaucracy.

The Fulton County government has hired a team of lobbyists to protect its interests in the upcoming state legislative session, and top priority is blocking any attempt for the creation of Milton County or to shrink the powers of the commission.

According to documents obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, County Manager Zachary Williams put seasoned lobbyist Mike Vaquer on the payroll at $68.75 per hour


Two other registered lobbyists, Michele Dunn and Keisha Carter, will be paid $3,000 per month for five months, Vaquer said, which would bring the county’s cost for state lobbying next year to $140,000.

Edwards, Johnny (2010-12-28). Fulton hires lobbyists to counter Milton movement. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2011-1-4.

State Representative Edward Lindsey (R - Atlanta) introduced House Resolution 1589 during the 2010 legislative session. H.R. 1589 would have the effect of getting Fulton County out of the municipal services business, as the county is now more than 2/3rds municipalized and it is no longer efficient for Fulton to a small unincorporated area of 66 square miles.

The Democrat-controlled Fulton County Commission opposes H.R. 1589.

Five Democrat county commissioners are on record as being against eliminating inefficient government [Fulton County Board of Commissioners. (2010-3-17). Minutes of Recess Meeting: Fulton County Commission. Retrieved on 2011-1-4.].

And they're going to fight against it during the upcoming legislative session, because the Democrat-controlled Fulton County Commission doesn't want to reduce government. They don't want to shrink their power. They want to protect their power, and protect the jobs of their cronies who are living off the taxpayers' teat.

In essence, the Democrat-controlled Fulton County Commission is paying lobbyists six figures to protect a government that serves no real purpose in an age where over 80% of the county is incorporated.

Now I call on any Democrat to defend why Fulton County needs a police department, fire department, sheriff's office, marshal's office, planning & zoning, code enforcement and a host of other city-like services for less than 20% of the county.

Why is shrinking the size of Fulton County government a bad idea?