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15 December 2010

Georgia Democrat Party Gets Another False Rating From The Truth-O-Meter

Twice in the last thirty days, the Georgia Democrat Party made some very dubious claims.

Twice in the last thirty days, the state Democrat Party had their claims put to the test on PolitiFact's truth-o-meter.

And twice in the last thirty days, the Democrat Party's claims have proven to be false.

[state Rep. Doug]McKillip switched parties after he was elected chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. Party officials were outwardly angry with McKillip, the No. 2 Democrat in the House.

"His donors deserve a refund; his voters deserve a recall," state Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kidd pronounced in the Dec. 7 press release, a day after McKillip's party change.

But do they?

Democratic officials are entitled to the belief that party defectors should refund donors' campaign contributions. But the idea that a party-switcher actually owes refunds to his donors has no grounding in party rules or in state law. We rule the claim False.

Tharpe, Jim (2010-12-15). Party switchers anger leaders but don't have to refund contributions. PolitiFact Georgia. Retrieved on 2010-12-15.

If the Democrats keep getting false ratings from PolitiFact Georgia, the voters might start thinking that Democrats are making stuff up as they go along; hoping that no one actually calls them on it.