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10 November 2010

Secretary of State Certifies November General Election Results

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp certified the results for the November 2, 2010 General Election. The certified results of state and federal races can be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

In certifying the results, the Secretary of State affirmed that all 159 counties have provided to the state the total votes tabulated for each federal and state candidate, as well as all state Constitutional Amendments and Referendums. Further, the Secretary of State affirms that the statewide consolidated returns for federal and state offices, as well as the proposed Constitutional Amendments and Referendums, are a true and correct tabulation of the certified returns received by this office from each county.

Additionally, with the certification, the time period for a candidate for state office to request a recount begins, and the run-off elections are officially set for November 30, 2010. Certification does not preclude the state from continuing any current investigations related to the General Election or from pursuing any future allegations that may arise from the election.

Run-off elections will occur for the following offices:

  • Supreme Court Justice, Sears - Nahmias

  • Appeals Court Judge, Johnson

  • Superior Court Judge, Atlanta Circuit (Westmoreland)

  • Superior Court Judge, Macon Circuit (Sizemore)

  • Superior Court Judge, Stone Mountain Circuit (Castellani)

  • District Attorney, Houston Circuit

  • District Attorney, Macon Circuit