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03 November 2010

Republicans Add To Majority In Georgia General Assembly

Lost amidst the GOP sweep of Georgia's statewide officers Tuesday was news that Republicans picked up three seats in the state House and one seat in the state Senate.

November 2nd, 108 Republicans were elected state Representative and 35 were elected state Senator.

Notable pick-ups for the GOP were the House seat held by out-going Democratic leader DuBose Porter, the defeat of Democrat incumbent Lee Thompson in Gwinnett County and Jason Shaw winning his father's seat down in Valdosta.

In the Georgia Senate, no incumbent Democrat lost. However, the state Senate seat held by Agriculture Commissioner nominee J.B. Powell is now in Republican hands.

The expected partisan breakdown in the 2011 Georgia House of Representatives is 108 Republicans, 71 Democrats and 1 independent. The breakdown in the Georgia Senate is 35 Republicans and 21 Democrats.