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19 November 2010

Quote of the Day: the Nikki Haley edition

"We have seen too many times that minorities and females are labels."

-South Carolina Governor-elect Nikki Haley speaking at a Republican Governors Association press conference Wednesday.

Every election cycle, we see both Democrats and Republicans segmenting the voters. Every election cycle, we see groups pop up advocating "women for this candidate" or "african-americans for that candidate." And every election cycle, we see voters patronized simply because they're young, black, hispanic, gay or female.

That's the old way of thinking.

The new way of thinking is exhibited in the words of both South Carolina Governor-elect Haley and Oklahoma Governor-elect Mary Fallin.

“We have seen too many times that minorities and females are labels. Women didn’t vote for me because I’m a woman,” said Haley at the press conference.

“We can’t put people in boxes anymore,” added Fallin.

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Let's start thinking outside the box. Let's put an end to these labels and start electing the best qualified candidates regardless of what demographic group they may belong to.