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03 November 2010

Quote of the Day: the Andrew Young edition

"Slavery didn’t break up the black families as much as liberal welfare rules"

-Former UN Ambassador Andrew Young speaking at the Carter Center November 1st.

I agree with Andrew Young's comments, but allow me to take it a step further.

Welfare makes blacks dependent on the government; and that dependence is used as a political tool by the Democrats to maintain their party's stranglehold on the black vote.

Every two years, the Democrats roll into the black community with claims that if Republicans take over, they'll cut section 8; they'll cut food stamps; they'll cut Medicaid; and they'll cut a host of other social welfare programs that poor blacks depend on to make ends meet.

Blacks, in turn, get whipped up into a frenzy and beat a path to the voting booth so they can protect their government checks from the "evil" Republicans.

Once the Democrats get elected, they institute welfare rules that make it nearly impossible for blacks to get off welfare, thus maintaining the cycle for another two years.

I've always felt that LBJ's Great Society programs decimated the black community. Up until then, blacks were self-reliant. We didn't rely on the government for everything. Blacks made do with what litle they had.

LBJ's liberal welfare policies single-handedly ended the era of self-sufficiency in the black community and ushered in a new era of slavery. But this time, the master is the government.