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08 November 2010

The Georgia GOP Needs A New Chairman

"Your overconfidence is your weakness."

-Luke Skywalker

After the shellacking Georgia Democrats took in the General Election, there's been a lot of talk about a change in direction and a change in leadership for the state Democratic Party.

Admittedly, the Democratic Party of Georgia needs wholesale change from the state legislature to the state committee. But the change I'm talking about shouldn't be limited to just the Democratic Party of Georgia. In order to avoid the complacency and overconfidence that contributed to the downfall of the Georgia Democratic Party after more than a century of political dominance, the Republican Party must change too.

Next year, the state Republican Party will begin its process of electing officers for their organization. The process starts with conventions in each of Georgia's 159 counties, and ends with the GOP state convention.

Judging by the 2010 election results, state GOP Chairman Sue Everhart did a laudable job during her tenure. Chairman Everhart presided over a GOP sweep of Georgia. Every state constitutional office is held by Republicans, and they also control sizable majorities in both houses of the General Assembly.

No doubt 2010 is the pinnacle of Georgia Republican success. Still, despite their electoral victories, the Georgia GOP must not rest on their laurels or they'll suffer the same fate as the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Georgia Republicans must continue building their bench, and they must continue cultivating new leadership. And new leadership is needed at the top.

It would easy for Chairman Everhart to seek another term as head of the Georgia GOP. With her record, she'd likely win. Quite frankly though, there isn't much else left for Everhart to accomplish. The time has come for Sue Everhart to take a bow, pass the torch along to the next generation of Georgia Republican leaders, and assume a new role as respected Party elder.