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16 November 2010

Georgia GOP: $2 Million, Georgia Democrats: $421K

With the Georgia Republican sweep of the statewide offices fourteen days ago, fundraising for the Georgia Democratic Party got a whole lot more difficult as corporations, lobbyists and other deep-pocketed donors are likely to contribute most of their cash to the state GOP.

The Georgia Republican Party is, after all, where most of the Peach State's political power now lies.

It is hard to see the Democratic Party of Georgia being competitive on the fundraising front anytime in the near future; and since many believe money is the mother's milk of politics, fewer funds means a credible statewide campaign for Democrats could be problematic.

Case in point, the last campaign finance report filed with the State Ethics Commission showed the Georgia Democratic Party with $421,216.76 left in the bank. That's barely enough to pay rent, light bill, telephone bill and staff salaries. Compare that to the Georgia Republican Party, which sits on $2,086,930.26.

It's an undisputable certainty that the DPG will get outraised and outspent by the Georgia GOP year after year for at least the next five years.