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23 November 2010

Fulton County Commissioner-elect Calls for Full Audit of County Budget

District 3 Commissioner-elect Liz Hausmann is encouraged by recent calls for a limited audit of the county budget, but she believes a larger and more thorough review of all Fulton County spending is necessary.

Hausmann commended Commissioner Emma Darnell for her call to complete independent audits of targeted county departments. However, Hausmann said the outside review should extend to every segment of Fulton’s budget.

“A full audit of all county personnel is what is needed at this critical time. Every cent of taxpayer funding needs full accounting and a complete justification for being spent,” Hausmann said. “Our county also faces a real threat to its excellent bond rating because of the massive increases in spending reserves and our shrinking tax base.”

“The 2011 budget as proposed draws down reserve funding by as much as 64 percent, and such a move will only come back to hurt the people who live in Fulton County,” she said. “It’s time to end the deficit spending.”

Hausmann added that a complete personnel audit will provide an invaluable examination of Fulton’s overall infrastructure and spending needs in the light of the incorporations that have taken place in both North and South Fulton in the last few years.

“Now more than ever, we need to ensure that we meet the needs of taxpayers with fewer of their dollars,” Hausmann said. “Continuing to spend at the current level is not sustainable in the long term. We need to insure that all of the services that are delivered by Fulton County are necessary, and delivered at the best cost possible.”