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10 November 2010

Fludd Releases Blue Print for a New Democratic Caucus

In advance of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus leadership elections, state Representative Virgil Fludd (D - Tyrone) sent a seven page plan to state legislators outlining how he would lead the Democratic caucus.

The plan followed a letter from Fludd that read as follows:

Dear Colleagues,

There is no doubt that, in November of 2010, our party finds itself at a crossroads. Our House Democratic Caucus is, of course, no exception.

When I joined the General Assembly in January 2003, Terry Coleman was Speaker and Democrats held 107 seats, Republicans 72, with 1 Independent - almost the exact opposite of what we have today. We enter the coming year, our seventh without a majority, with a fierce sense of urgency very much in
tune with the urgency of the times.

Our troubles as a party and as a caucus pale in comparison with the very real troubles of our fellow citizens. Unemployment is still high; our poverty rate grows. Our schools are struggling. Prosperity is no longer a sure thing for those who work hard. Mindful of these realities, I offer myself as a candidate for Democratic Leader. I believe we must become the caucus Georgia demands we be - a new Democratic Caucus.

Our new caucus should be smarter, better at communicating, more forceful at times, and at others, willing to work across party lines on sound policy for the betterment of our fellow Georgians. Most importantly, we should be what we’ve always been - true to our ideals and our principles.

In the following pages, I offer you my plan to do that if I am elected to lead this Democratic Caucus. We find ourselves at a crossroads, and our future viability as a party, indeed, our future ability to pass sound legislation, is at stake. We must start today with a bold new agenda for tomorrow. Over the next 20 years, our state’s population is projected to grow by 4.6 million people. That gives us an opportunity to grow our party, if we begin today.

I would be proud to serve you as your leader, and I ask for your favorable consideration.

Representative Virgil Fludd

Click here to read Rep. Fludd's Blue Print for a New Democratic Caucus.

Democrat legislators will choose between Fludd and state Rep. Stacey Abrams (D - Atlanta) for the post of House Minority Leader.