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18 November 2010

Berlon Files For Georgia Democratic Party Chair [UPDATED]

Mike Berlon, head of the Georgia Association of Democratic County Chairs (GADCC), filed paperwork with the state Democratic Party Thursday afternoon to officially become a candidate for Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG) chairman.

"It’s time to start running the party as a business with measurable goals, strategic planning and accountability," Berlon said in a press release announcing his candidacy. "It’s time for us to achieve our goals and actually put our theory into practice.

"We need to end the perception that we are a metro-Atlanta party and reconnect with Democrats statewide. For too long, we have neglected democrats outside the metro area. We need to establish offices around the state. I believe the only way we can effectively rebuild the party is from the ground up at the county party level, precinct by precinct," said Berlon.

Berlon's candidacy sets up a potential re-match between him and current Democrat leader Jane Kidd. Berlon lost to Kidd four years ago in the final round of voting.

The DPG will hold its elections January 29, 2011.