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19 October 2010

Sanford Bishop Pins Re-election Hopes On Lobbyists' Cash

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Bob Keefe revealed Monday that, despite the tough economic times and new regulations designed to reduce the influence of lobbyists in government, the business of lobbying is booming [Keefe, Bob (2010-10-18). Lobbying becomes a booming business. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-10-19.].

2nd district Congressman Sanford Bishop (D - Albany) is benefiting from this boom as lobbyists seek to infuse cash into his campaign coffers.

Facing a tougher-than-expected race, Rep. Sanford D. Bishop Jr. is heading back to Washington, D.C., this month to raise campaign cash from lobbyists for his struggling re-election bid.

According to an invitation obtained by CQ Politics, lobbyists are hosting a $2,000-per-head fundraiser for the Georgia Congressman at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's headquarters on Oct. 27. The K Streeters throwing the event include Katreice Banks, an in-house lobbyist at AT&T; William Clyburn, an outside lobbyist for U.S. Telecom; and Prime Policy Group's Paul Weiss.

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