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17 October 2010

Obama Records GOTV Robo Call For State Democratic Party

Sunday afternoon, Georgia voters were greeted with the voice of President Barack Obama urging them to vote in the upcoming 2010 General Election.

Obama (Georgia) GOTV Robo Call

The robo-call, paid for by the Democratic Party of Georgia, included this message:

This is Barack Obama calling on behalf of the Democratic Party of Georgia.

Two years ago, we came together and voted for change. Everyday since, we've been fighting to put America back to work.

But the Republican leaders have opposed us every step of the way. They're more interested in playing politics than in helping our struggling families. That's why I need your help.

This election is critical if we're going to continue to make progress.

I need you to help elect good Democratic allies in Georgia who will work with me to create jobs. I need you to get out and vote. I need you to ask your family and friends to vote. Early voting has already started.

So please get to the polls and vote Democrat today. With your support, we can win this November and make America and Georgia work.