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20 October 2010

Mary Squires Says End Practice of Using Credit Scores to Set Auto Insurance Rates

Tuesday afternoon, the campaign of Insurance Commissioner candidate Mary Squires said it was time to end the practice of auto insurance companies using an individual's credit score to set their coverage rates.

"Using credit scores, which are often full of errors and different from one credit reporting agency to another, to determine auto insurance rates is discriminatory and wrong," Squires said in a press release. "As Insurance Commissioner, I will create Georgia Fair Score and stop your credit score from being used to raise your auto insurance rates. Georgians should not be punished for living on a fixed income, losing a job, or being called to war."

Squires says her Republican opponent, state Senator Ralph Hudgens, is siding with the insurance companies to keep this discriminatory practice going.

"Insurance companies have found a way to pad their bottom line on the backs of the financially vulnerable, and once again, Senator Hudgens is siding with the insurance lobbyists. Georgia needs a consumer watchdog who stands up for Georgia families, not an Insurance Commissioner who is bought and paid for by insurance companies and their lobbyists," said Squires.