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13 October 2010

Marshall Won't Support a Progressive, Democratic Woman for House Speaker

Peach Pundit was the first to spotlight this news:

8th district Congressman Jim Marshall, a Democrat, says he won't support Nancy Pelosi for another term as Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

U.S. Rep. Jim Marshall said Wednesday he has cast his last vote for Nancy Pelosi to lead the House Democrats.

“I had always preferred a different candidate, but Nancy Pelosi always had her votes, and there wasn’t much point in the public vote, where she was certain to be the speaker. There wasn’t much point in sticking a thumb in her eye, effectively to no effect, to vote ‘no.’ In this instance I think it’s probably best that I announce it in advance,” [Marshall] said.

Stucka, Mike (2010-10-13). Marshall says he won’t vote again for Pelosi. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-10-13.

Speaker Pelosi is toast.