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22 October 2010

A Little Clarification From The Office of Congressman John Lewis

Wednesday, The Hill newspaper reported that a veterans group "says a large number of lawmakers failed to help veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan." Included among those members of Congress receiving low marks was Georgia Democrat John Lewis.

Thursday afternoon, the office of Congressman John Lewis (D - Atlanta) passed along a page from the congressional record where Lewis explained, on the House floor, how he would have voted on many of the legislative priorities of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

"Madam Speaker, on June 8, 2009, I underwent surgery and have been recuperating for the past 3 weeks. In my 24 years in Congress, I have missed very few votes and have taken pride in having a voting record of over 90%. This is the first time I’ve missed this many votes," Lewis said.

A comparison between the public statements of Congressman Lewis and the legislative agenda of IAVA show that Georgia's 5th district U.S. Representative would have supported the IAVA position on the votes that he missed.

In addition, Congressman Lewis' office pointed out that Lewis and his colleagues worked to pass a series of reforms that have improved the treatment of vets returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

From working to make the VA claims process work better to giving $1.2 billion in tax cuts to soldiers and their families, the Congressman's office said John Lewis is looking out for service members and their families.