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20 October 2010

Karen Handel: Barnes is the "King of the Good Ole Boys"

Wednesday, Atlanta Journal-Constitution political insider Jim Galloway included in his morning jolt a mailer from the state Democratic Party.

Willing or not, Karen Handel has joined the race for governor.

The mailer that arrived Tuesday was addressed to Ms. Insider, and had a tasteful cover with a red ribbon and the word “Remember.”

Inside was a picture of Republican nominee Nathan Deal and the woman he defeated in the Aug. 10 GOP runoff. “Remember the disrespectful and demeaning ads he ran against Karen Handel?”

On the next page: “Let’s just say that is not how a Southern gentleman would conduct himself….It is obvious that Mr. Deal will do anything to win or to make money. And that’s dangerous…for us.”

Galloway, Jim (2010-10-20). Your morning jolt: Democrats bring Karen Handel into race for governor. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-10-20.

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Karen Handel responded to the Democrats' mail piece on Facebook Wednesday afternoon:

My thoughts re Barnes/Dem mailer: A gentleman would never involve a woman without asking her. I do not appreciate being used this way -- least of all by Roy Barnes. To imply that I'm in any way supporting him is simply false. Women do not want or need the king of the good ole boys telling us to "remember.". Women will look at the issues and cast their votes in the best interest of our state.