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13 October 2010

Honest Question: How Effective Are Left-Leaning GLBT Groups?

Here's a little red meat for all who read this site to digest:

Tuesday, a federal judge ordered the military to end the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" (DADT) policy which does not allow gay and lesbian Americans to serve openly and honorably [Levine, Adam (2010-10-12). Judge orders military to stop enforcing 'don't ask, don't tell'. CNN. Retrieved on 2010-10-12.].

This ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Virginia A. Phillips came as a result of the Log Cabin Republicans filing legal action, six years ago, challenging the constitutionality of DADT.

When I first heard news of this court decision, I just scratched my head and thought, "This is ironic."

It's ironic that DADT was not ended due to a Democratic Congress enacting legislation repealing the military policy. DADT was struck down due to legal action filed by the Log Cabin Republicans. So it begs to question, just how effective are left-leaning gay and lesbian organizations if a Republican group did what they couldn't.

The Log Cabin Republicans were the only gay organization filing suit to overturn DADT.

While the Log Cabin Republicans were busy fighting DADT in court, the Stonewall Democrats were busy putting out press releases accusing the GOP of "halting progress on DADT repeal." While the Log Cabin Republicans were busy getting DADT struck down as unconstitutional, the Stonewall Democrats were busy using the policy as a fundraising tool.


Where were the Stonewall Democrats?

Why weren't they listed as plaintiffs alongside the Log Cabin Republicans?

Tuesday's ruling by Judge Phillips makes one wonder:

Are left-leaning gay and lesbian groups, like the Stonewall Democrats, about achieving results for the GLBT community; or are they just in it to use inflamed passions as a fundraising tool to line their pockets with cash?