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02 October 2010

Gubernatorial Debate Live Blog Sunday Beginning at 6:45PM

Sunday, October 3rd, students from the University of Georgia, Georgia College and Morehouse College are hosting a debate featuring the three candidates for Governor of Georgia [Wheatley, Thomas (2010-10-1). College students to grill gubernatorial candidates on Sunday night. Fresh Loaf. Retrieved on 2010-10-2.].

The debate is scheduled to begin at 7PM and will air live on Georgia Public Broadcasting.

All election season long, Georgia Politics Unfiltered has teamed up with the state's prominent political blogs (Georgia Politico, Jason and Peach Pundit to name a few) to live blog the debates, and Sunday will be no different.

Log on to Georgia Politics Unfiltered Sunday at 6:45PM for a live blog of the gubernatorial debate.