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18 October 2010

Georgia Dems Say GOP State House Candidate "Tried To Kill Ex-Girlfriend"

Athens Banner Herald columnist Johnathan McGinty called a Democratic Party mailer against GOP state House candidate Jason Shepherd "unusual" and "absurd" Monday morning. McGinty, who also blogs at Beyond the Trestle, wrote that the mail piece landed the Georgia Democratic Party in "some territory that might possibly approach libel." [McGinty, Johnathan (2010-10-18). Indefensible. Beyond the Trestle. Retrieved on 2010-10-18.]

The Democratic Party's attack stems from an incident ten years ago involving Shepherd and a former former girlfriend.

According to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution report, as Jason Goldfarb, Shepherd was "arrested on a charge of domestic violence by his live-in fiancée" in 2000.

Shepherd was living with another young lady in an apartment at the time. He says the relationship was rocky – and that she was the abusive partner.

She moved out one night, and sent a Cobb County sheriff’s deputy with a warrant — accusing Shepherd of placing his hands around her neck. A hearing was held three days later, at which the girlfriend sought a temporary protective order.

A six-month protection order against Shepherd was issued. The girlfriend ignored court orders to appear subsequent hearings, Shepherd said, and the charges were dropped.

Galloway, Jim (2010-9-27). The candidate, the name change, and the domestic violence arrest. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-10-18.

Jason Shepherd responded to the state Democratic Party's mailer Monday evening with the following statement:

"The Democratic Party of Georgia and Terry Johnson have set a new low in politics in this state. More than that, they have crossed a line where there is no turning back from. They may think they have sidetracked our campaign, but the people in our district want to hear solutions about the very serious problems facing our state, problems which my opponent does not want to talk about because his record is one of no solutions. That's why they have determined to play in the political gutter of lies and character assassination. It is sickening how they have taken a very serious issue for thousands of women, men and children in our state and turned it into a cheap political trick."