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19 October 2010

Fulton County GOP Launches TV Ads Supporting Broadbent & Henry

The Fulton County Republican Party is launching a new television ad campaign highlighting the ongoing financial corruption, and potentially criminal, scandal plaguing Fulton County government and two of its incumbent County Commissioners seeking re-election.

The ad highlights the roles of Chairman John Eaves and Commissioner Robb Pitts in the failure of county government to fully investigate alleged employee theft of $200,000 in taxpayer funds and the dismissal of the whistleblowers who uncovered it.

"You're Fired" (Fulton County Republican Party ad)

"The message is loud and clear John Eaves and Robb Pitts are helping to carry on Fulton County¹s legacy of cover-up, corruption and mismanagement," said Shawn Hanley, chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party. "Rather than running for re-election, these two should be resigning from office. Unless they are defeated, they¹ll be using taxpayer dollars to defend themselves against criminal investigators."

The TV ad encourages voters to support Republicans Steve Broadbent for chairman and Lori Henry in District 2 both County Commission offices elected countywide.

According to filings with the State Ethics Commission, the Fulton County Republican Party sits on a $1.5 million war chest; more than enough for a sustained television campaign from now until election day. The Fulton County Democratic Party, in comparison, has just $18,783.67 sitting in the bank.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I'm voting for Steve Broadbent and Lori Henry. My mind won't change from that.