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27 October 2010

Fulton County Continues Its Long Tradition Of F**king Up Elections

Make no mistake, it wouldn't be an election year in Georgia without some report of Fulton County messing up in the voting department.

Several hundred Fulton County voters received the wrong absentee ballots -- twice -- earlier this month, according to county election officials.

County elections chief Barry Garner said the errors were inexcusable.

"Even if it was one, it's a big mistake," Garner said, pointing out that some of the 234 voters impacted by the mistakes had already sent in their erroneous ballots.

Garner, Marcus K. (2010-10-26). 234 Fulton ballots sent out incorrectly-- twice. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-10-27.

I seriously doubt the Fulton County Elections Department could count their fingers and toes correctly without screwing it up somewhere along the way.