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20 October 2010

Democrats' Spending in the 8th Congressional District is a Paltry $9,000

Hotline on Call, the daily political website run by the National Journal, took note of spending done by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) in Georgia's 8th district.

The short version?

The DCCC isn't spending much on Jim Marshall.

The Democratic Congressional Committee is spending millions of dollars in key districts around the country on late independent expenditures, demonstrating the districts Democrats believe can be saved from a national wave -- and the members the party believes are already too far behind their Republican rivals to save.

Where the DCCC didn't spend money is as indicative as where it did. With two weeks to go, Democrats are using their checkbooks as acknowledgement that nearly a dozen members are beyond saving.

Rep. Jim Marshall (D), a perpetually vulnerable incumbent in a deeply conservative district in southern Georgia, is getting just $9,000 in assistance, likely for radio advertising, as he faces state Rep. Austin Scott (R).

Wilson, Reid (2010-10-20). Dems Cut Members Adrift. Hotline on Call. Retrieved on 2010-10-20.

Most funds from the DCCC went towards the campaign of Sanford Bishop. Hotline on Call reports that Bishop has benefitted from $143,000 worth of independent expenditures from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.