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07 October 2010

Democratic Strategist Doesn't Like Early Voting Totals So Far

For most of 2010, there have been several news reports detailing the enthusiasm gap between Democratic and Republican voters [Walter, Amy (2010-10-5). 2010 Forecast: Enthusiasm Gap Still Favors GOP. The Note (ABC News). Retrieved on 2010-10-7.]. That lack of excitement among Democrats is now beginning to show itself at early voting locations in Georgia.

11Alive reporter Doug Richards, who also blogs at Live Apartment Fire, filed the following story Wednesday:

. . .Cherokee County, a reliably Republican county has had a strong early voting turnout so far this fall. Contrast that with DeKalb county, a Democratic county, which has had a pretty lousy voting turnout this fall.

"It tells me we've got a lot of work to do," said state Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta), a Democratic strategist who doesn't like the early turnout numbers thus far.

"As Democrats, we've got to get the excitement back going on our side of the field," Rep. Taylor said.

Richards, Doug (2010-10-6). Early Voting in Two Counties Bodes Ill for Democrats. WXIA-TV. Retrieved on 2010-10-7.

The question for Democrats is how the Party can generate excitement for their candidates with voting already occurring and less than 30 days left until Election Day.

It's crunch time for both political parties, but Georgia Democrats are in need of something major that will shake-up the campaign. Unless that happens, all the Republicans have to do is hold the ball until the clock runs out.