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12 October 2010

Congress Made Its Health Care Law, Now Let Them Enforce It

Congress made its health care law, now let them enforce it.

That seems to be the sentiment coming from a handful of states according to a new report from which says governors are thumbing their nose at health reform.

A handful of governors are beginning to seriously flex their muscles in attempts to block the federal health reform law by rejecting grants or legislative action, a worrisome move for health reform’s most stalwart supporters.

Alaska and Minnesota were the only states not to apply for health exchange planning grants. Three others — Wyoming, Iowa and Georgia — joined them in not pursuing an additional $1 million grant for rate reviews, released in the summer.

Kliff, Sarah (2010-10-12). States thumb nose at health reform. Politico. Retrieved on 2010-10-12.

I'm not so sure this is a bad move by the states --Georgia included-- to kill a law that nobody read before voting for it, and contains so much junk in it that repeal and replace isn't such a bad option.