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25 October 2010

Barnes Says He'd Be "Honored" To Be Georgia's Governor In Closing Ad

The following is a press release from the gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Roy Barnes:

On Monday, as Roy Barnes traveled through Middle Georgia on a yellow school bus, his campaign released their closing ad entitled, "Honored." The ad draws a clear contrast between the experience and integrity of Barnes, and the Washington-style corruption that continues to plague Congressman Deal.

"I visit Washington as a tourist, my opponent has made a career there," Barnes says in the ad. "He knows Washington, but I know Georgia."
And unlike Congressman Deal who voters rarely hear from - even in his own commercials - Roy Barnes talks directly to Georgia's voters in "Honored."

"The choice is about who is best qualified to manage the big business of a troubled state, without scandal," Barnes continues. "I'd be honored to be your governor."

"Honored" will begin airing across Georgia on Monday.