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31 October 2010

Barnes, Deal Split Newspaper Endorsements

The last Sunday before the General Election is bringing its usual spate of endorsements from Georgia's major newspapers.

October 31st saw three daily journals --the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, Macon Telegraph and Savannah Morning News-- announce their support in the gubernatorial contest.

The Columbus and Savannah papers backed Republican Nathan Deal, while the Macon Telegraph lined up behind Roy Barnes.

Below are the excerpts:

In education, Deal stresses more budget flexibility at the local level, and offers what this board felt to be the more creative vision, including a “move on when ready” approach to promotions; a proposed school loan forgiveness plan for graduates who stay and work (and pay taxes) in Georgia; and charter high schools dedicated to science and technology.

Whatever Deal’s other shortcomings, one of the virtues that even political opponents in Congress granted him was diplomatic skill. His ideas strike us as the more realistic and his goals the more practical. On those bases, and with the above noted reservations, the Ledger-Enquirer endorses Nathan Deal for governor of Georgia.

Endorsements for Columbus mayor, Georgia governor. Columbus Ledger-Enquirer. Retrieved on 2010-10-31.

Both men served in the state’s General Assembly before seeking higher office, however, Barnes tenure as governor was marked by a trait that led to his downfall in 2000 when he was beaten by now Gov. Sonny Perdue: political courage.

Barnes became the education governor during his single term. For once the state didn’t follow the pack, it led it.

There is a clear choice in this election. We support Roy Barnes for governor.

Endorsements: Governor. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-10-31.

Instead of looking at the governor's race and covering their eyes, Georgians must keep them open. They must dig beneath the mud. They must look at the core beliefs of Mr. Deal, Mr. Barnes and Libertarian John Monds. They must examine their visions for a better Georgia and see what each man brings to the table in making their agendas become a reality.

In our opinion, the candidate who offers the most potential to improve the lives of citizens in this state is Nathan Deal.

Mr. Deal, 68, the former congressman from Gainesville, is easily the most fiscally conservative candidate. His record in Washington of supporting reduced taxes and less government should be replicated in Atlanta. Combined with a like-minded, Republican-controlled legislature, this should result in policies that create a positive climate for businesses to create jobs and put Georgians to work.

Time for Deal. Savannah Morning News. Retrieved on 2010-10-31.

Barnes also won endorsements from Creative Loafing, the Marietta Daily Journal, Rome News-Tribune and Albany Herald. The Augusta Chronicle and Gainesville Times are in Deal's corner.

The final result on newspaper endorsements: Barnes - 5, Deal - 4; a split.