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15 October 2010

Barnes, Deal Provide Answers to Your 10 Questions

For two months, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Macon Telegraph and Georgia Politics Unfiltered teamed up with 10Questions, a project of Personal Democracy Forum, to solicit questions from the voters for Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal and Libertarian John Monds.

All three candidates agreed to provide their responses to the 10 top-rated questions as voted on by the public, and below are the candidates' answers to the following question:

The state has rank 48th, 49th, or 50th in education for my entire life and I am 69 years old. In every election we hear about improving education. What will it take to move Georgia from the very bottom ratings into the top 50% and why can't we do it.

-Michael Clark, Lawrenceville

Roy Barnes

Nathan Deal

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