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05 October 2010

An Apology . . .

. . .No, not for that. Find me 1,000 Georgians who know who I am and actually care what my Facebook status says, and I'll apologize.

Sunday, this site was going to host a live blog of the gubernatorial debate featuring Democrat Roy Barnes, Republican Nathan Deal and Libertarian John Monds.

It was my every intention to live blog the debate, but I fell asleep.

After watching the Braves win their playoff-clinching last game of the 2010 season, I thought I'd take a nap before the debate started. A nap was needed because I've slept through the last few gubernatorial debates (including one where SpaceyG had to wake me up), proving that Monds, Deal and Barnes aren't saying much if a political junkie like me has trouble staying awake during their forums.

So I apologize for missing the live blog. I promise to do it better next time, and as always, thanks for reading.