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28 September 2010

Why is the Democratic Party of Georgia Making Child Support Payments?

For the past two months, I've noticed some curious expenditures by the Democratic Party of Georgia on their Federal Elections Commission disclosures that's left me scratching my head.

The most recent FEC report filed by the state Democratic Party shows a payment of $610.16 to the Family Support Registry in Carrolton, Georgia. Two additional child support payments totaling $515.56 to the Greenville County (South Carolina) Family Court also appeared on the Georgia Democratic Party's August 31st disclosures.

According to the Democrats' July 31st disclosure, two more payments went to the Greenville County Family Court. The amount of those payments were $257.78 and $1,031.12 respectively.

If a person has kids with another individual, the right thing is for those kids to be taken care of. Folks shouldn't have to go to court just to get some money for their kids. It should never come to that.

So I just have to ask, who down at state Democratic Party headquarters is having their money forcibly taken by the government? Who, at 1100 Spring Street, isn't taking care of their kids?