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02 September 2010

Towery: Barnes Must Adopt A "I'm Really A Republican" Strategy Or Lose

For months around here, I've been pounding the table with my assertions that Barack Obama is toxic to Democrats in Georgia.

Now, even as some say a new ad from the GOP is a perfect tool to motivate those so-called "Obama voters" to the polls, the latest numbers from Insider Advantage Georgia reiterate the point that the President will be no help for his Democratic Party in November.

Will your opinion of President Obama and the national Democratic party's job performance impact how you vote for statewide offices such as governor?

Will Impact - 67%
Not An Impact - 24%
No Opinion - 9%

Pettys, Dick (2010-9-1). IA poll: Obama, national Dems a big drag on Barnes in Georgia. Insider Advantage Georgia. Retrieved on 2010-9-2.

Here's the analysis from Inside Advantage CEO Matt Towery:

These numbers are in line with what we’re seeing all over the country and what we’re seeing nationwide. It’s not good news. The Democrats are going to have to find a way to really separate themselves from Barack Obama and the Congress. The Barnes strategy has to be, ‘I’m really a Republican.’ If he doesn’t do that, given the fact that the number of independents are dropping, he can’t win.

As of September 2nd, the state Democratic Party still touts the accomplishments of Barack Obama on its website. Matt Towery says that's a bad idea; a recipe for defeat.

Come November, the voters will decide if Obama is a liability for Democrats at the ballot box. And then, of course, we'll see if Towery's analysis is correct.