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04 September 2010

Raycom Media Snubs Libertarian on Gubernatorial Debate Invite

Despite having received over 1 million votes in his campaign for Public Service Commission two years ago, Libertarian gubernatorial nominee John Monds continues to be ignored by Georgia's news media.

The latest snub comes from Raycom Media, owner of three televisions in Albany, Columbus and Savannah.

Friday evening, Raycom Media announced an October debate featuring the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor [Gubernatorial candidates will debate in Albany. WALB-TV. Retrieved on 2010-9-4.].

WALB-TV, a Raycom-owned station, reported that Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Nathan Deal met September 2nd and "agreed to accept the Raycom Media invitation." Not mentioned in the article is whether Libertarian John Monds was extended an invite to make his case before the voters.

Based on the coverage (or lack thereof) of Monds' campaign by Georgia's mainstream media, one can only assume that the Libertarian was not invited to participate in the debate.

Raycom Media's apparent exclusion of John Monds from its debate is a disservice to Georgia voters, as it presents a false impression that there are only two candidates to choose from in November, when in reality there are three.

Email Raycom Media or give them a call --(334)206-1400-- and tell them to let Georgians hear from all three gubernatorial candidates on October 19th.