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23 September 2010

Rasmussen Reports: Georgians Don't View Barnes or Deal Very Favorably

Earlier this week, state Representative-elect Buzz Brockway received a call from Rasmussen Reports, who was conducting a Georgia public opinion poll [Brockway, Buzz (2010-9-21). Rasmussen Is Polling Georgia. Peach Pundit. Retrieved on 2010-9-23.].

Thursday morning, Rasmussen released their results, and the numbers are clear.

Georgians don't like Democrat Roy Barnes or Republican Nathan Deal.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of Georgia voters have a favorable opinion of Deal, with 13% who view him Very Favorably. He is viewed unfavorably by 40%, including 20% with a Very Unfavorable view.

For Barnes, favorables are 44% and unfavorables 50%, including 17% Very Favorable and 29% Very Unfavorable.

Georgia Governor: Deal (R) Holds Narrower Lead Over Barnes (D). Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved on 2010-9-23.

In head-to-head match-ups, Deal leads Barnes 45% to 39%. Libertarian John Monds is picking up 5%, and an additional 5% are not sure who they would vote for.