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28 September 2010

Incoming Fulton Commissioner Wants Special Prosecutor in Whistleblower Case

The following is a press release from Fulton County Commissioner-elect Liz Hausmann:

Monday, Fulton County Commissioner-elect Liz Hausmann called upon Governor Sonny Perdue to appoint a special prosecutor or investigator to the ongoing Fulton County Government Credit Card Corruption scandal.

Because of the damaging nature and far-reaching implications of the reported Fulton County employee theft case, as well as the reported claim of interference with the Office of Professional Standards’ investigations and the County Manager’s decision to close the OPS, Hausmann is urging Gov. Perdue to appoint a special prosecutor or investigator, bringing in the GBI or FBI as necessary.

“Without a doubt, the people who have chosen to live, work and raise a family in Fulton County deserve to have resolution in the matter of potential employee theft or mismanagement of taxpayer funds,” Hausmann said. “But the larger issue is whether or not that they can trust the very structure and people that they have put in place to handle their critical public services. I believe we will only receive adequate results from the involvement of an outside authority that is capable of fully investigating this case.”

“As I take office in January I will invest a great deal of time in working to bring more stringent accountability and a stronger system of checks and balances to Fulton County Government,” pledged Hausmann.

Quite frankly, I agree that an outside, independent investigator is needed. I don't trust the Fulton County Commission to police itself on anything.