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15 September 2010

Hotline On Call: Georgia Democrats Getting $1 Million From DGA

This piece of news is sure to raise a lot of eyebrows:

The DGA has transferred $1M to the Georgia Democratic Party so it can maintain its barrage of ads against former Rep. Nathan Deal (R), sources tell Hotline On Call.

Democrats are increasingly bullish on former Gov. Roy Barnes' chances in GA, which they view as a top-tier pick up opportunity. In particular, they view Deal as a damaged candidate because of ongoing corruption allegations.

Jacobs, Jeremy P. (2010-9-15). Starting Lineup: Democrats Delight. Hotline On Call. Retrieved on 2010-9-15.

Wednesday's report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution concerning Republican gubernatorial nominee Nathan Deal's financial problems certainly doesn't help the Georgia GOP cause.

Democrats now have the option of questioning whether Deal can be trusted with the state's finances if he can't even manage his own personal finances. Or Democrats could ponder whether Deal would use the Governor's office to get himself out of debt.

And with $1 million from the Democratic Governors Association, the Georgia Democratic Party has the resources to widely disseminate those questions to the electorate.