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30 September 2010

Governing Magazine Forecasts General Assembly to Remain in GOP Hands

From the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL):

When Governing last assessed the 2010 state legislative elections in July, the situation looked grim for the Democrats. The Democrats had 21 of their chambers in play, compared to just four for the Republicans -- by far the most lopsided split we've seen in any of the past five election cycles.

Now, a few months down the road, the Democratic outlook for the state legislatures has only worsened.

. . .we estimate that the Democrats are on the verge of losing a net of four to 12 Senate chambers and six to 15 House chambers.

Another State Legislative Election Forecast. The Thicket (NCSL). Retrieved on 2010-9-30.

Governing magazine is a D.C.-based publication that focuses on state and local politics across the nation.

They predict the Georgia General Assembly will remain in Republican hands. The magazine also says the open attorney general seat "leans Republican."

While Democrats have long held the office, the AG seat leans Republican in this conservative state. Still, it should be more competitive for the Democrats than other Peach State offices.